Grass Seeding

JKAT Seeding Equipment ensures grass seed is placed at the perfect depth to ensure maximum results with less grass seed.  We spe­cial­ize in slit seeding where we mechanically place grass seeds at per­fect depth to ensure max­i­mum results.

Our equipment is designed for new grass applications and for over-seeding existing lawns where your grass isn’t what you dreamed, we can give your existing lawn a boost and get looking great again.  Our seeder can be adjusted to place seeds at a depth of 0.125″ to 0.5″.

We use less grass seed and dramatically improve results! This landscape seeder is a bi-directional seeder and is built to handle all turf and landscape needs. Notched rollers properly place the grass seed in the top 1/2″ of a properly prepared seedbed resulting in maximum seed germination. 

Required Preparation: If you have an existing lawn, be sure to mow it as short as possible removing the majority of the cuttings. For best results, removing thatch and apply fertilizers prior to seeding.  No watering before seeding.

How to Maximize Results? We always apply grass seed with two passes crisscross pattern.  Aggressive watering right after applying seed followed up with light watering for the next 10-14 days keeping soil moist.  After visible grass (germination), water less often to encourage new grass roots to grow deeper into the soil.

When is the Ideal Time to Seed? The fall is your first choice because weed germination is at its lowest.  Warm days with cool nights keeping soil moist will yield best results.