Design Realization

The key to outstanding outdoor spaces is consultative, creative and functional design planning.

Any great landscape project starts with a professional, well-thought design, which is uniquely tailored not only for the unique space itself, but also, for the unique client for which it is being designed.  Imagine an outdoor space that has everything you want and need, seamlessly integrated into a visually stunning space with all the finishing touches that suit your particular tastes.  These are the possibilities when you have a design done by JKAT Landscaping.  Our designer, is a certified Horticultural Technician, and has much experience as a designer as well as in the field.  This gives him a practical approach to design that is visually apparent in the finished result.  If you wish to see his impressive portfolio for yourself and hear his ideas of how to make your space work for you, contact us to book a consultation.


At JKAT we believe landscaping is a living art form that seamlessly blends hardscape (structures) and softscape (plant materials) to create a beautifylly functional outdoor space. We take an organized approach to each unique project addressing practical matters such as delineating space, buffering noise, camouflaging unwelcome views, and ensuring privacy. Time is devoted to understanding your needs and desires.

Consider below just a small list of the features that we consider when developing your vision..


Every outdoor space wether it is centered around a swimming pool, outdoor kitchen, dinning area or relaxation area must include a place to escape fromt he intese rays of the Ottawa sun. Shade strutures are not only practical but offer unlimited design opportunities. These retreats can be attached to the house or freestanding, completely covered with a roof or open to the sky. Simple or complex JKAT can develop the perfect shade structure that will enahve your outdoor living lifestyle and compliment your personal oasis.

Water features

Nothing can transform an outdoor space like water! Sound and motion can liven the spirit and excite the senses. Any style of water feature from ponds to foundations and streams attract attention, activity and wildlife. There is alwasy room for a water feature, even if space is limited.

Fire features

If you want to entice family and friends to share in the pleasures of an outdoor living spae incorporate a firepit or fireplace. Gathering by the glow of a fire provides warmth on a crisp evening and stimulates social interaction. JKAT can show you the true power of the flame and its ability to bring people together.

JKAT will ensure that even the smallest details wil not get overlooked.

Outdoor kitchens

Outdoor kitchens have become increasingly more popular in Ottawa and the surrounding areas. They take outdoor dining to a whole new level. Whether you are entertaining a large group or enjoying a quiet Sunday BBQ with the family, food that is prepared in a natural setting just tastes better.  JKAT can design and buld an outdoor ktichen that caters to thway you cook and enjoy the food you love to eat!

Outdoor lighting

Lighting is an important element of the outdoor living space, it has a practical purpose of increase saftey and secuirty around the swimmng pool, spa and landscape while creating an enchanting evening atmosphere where you can extend your hours enjoying the open air. Directional lighting can be manipulated to define intersting forms, emphasize textures, cast sillouettes or create breathtaking reflections that can be enjoyed from the indoors as well. Let JKAT show you how the quality of outdoor lighting relates to the quality of outdoor living.

Outdoor Sounds systems

Still carrying your old portable stero outside to enjoy music in the pool?  Consider an all-weather sound system. JKAT will work with you to ensure all your audio needs are planned and incorporated into your outdoor living space so that you so you can enjoy the music that moves you "outside" and relax.

JKAT will ensure even the smallest of details are taken care of!