Outdoor Lifestyles

Imagine transforming your outdoor space into an oasis.  Let JKAT enhance your families lifestyle.

Backyard Oasis 500

At JKAT Landscaping, we work with you to create your dreams and your outdoor lifestyle.  We can transform your backyard into an oasis by putting in a pool, patios, decks, walls, steps, planters, outdoor living rooms, kitchens and fireplaces, landscape lighthing, pool sheds, grass seeding, water features (ponds and waterfalls), gardens, natural stone, custom features and anything else you can dream of to transform your yard.

Water Features (Ponds and Waterfalls)

The use of ponds and waterfalls in the landscape has declined somewhat over the years, and as a result, creating these natural looking elements has become a bit of a lost art.  The use of water features without a pond as a basin is a trend that has sparked a comeback with these, especially within the contemporary style of modern design.  Water is an important element in the Japanese style of Zen gardening.  Many innovations have created different looks for these features, as well as made them more affordable, less maintenance, and reduced the real estate they occupy on your property.  Maybe you would like to have a naturalized living Coy pond, maybe you want a contemporary water feature with lighting, or maybe you just want to hear the sound of the trickling water while you read in your chair outside, either way, we can help make it happen.  Visit our Project Gallery to see examples of ponds and waterfalls created by JKAT Landscaping.



A garden that is not planned out well not only will be ugly, it will be difficult to maintain.  There are many considerations when properly designing a garden; size at maturity, flower colour, bloom time, moisture needs, sunlight needs, foliage texture, and climate zone restrictions to name a few.  Sometimes other factors come into play; if there will pets and/or young children in the area special attention to a plant's toxilogical information must be paid.  Some clients occasionally have special requests of their own, such as the use of native cultivars, drought tolerant species, or even the use of edible plants throughout the landscape for culinary/herbal uses.  If a garden is well designed it will be beautiful from the time the first flowers emerge in spring right through to when it is covered in a blanket of snow in winter, and will look BETTER as it ages.  Visit our Project Gallery to see examples of gardens designed and installed by JKAT Landscaping.


Natural Stone

Unchanged for thousands of years exposed to the elements, what better material could there be to use in your own landscape.  Whether it is a patio, walkway, steps, retaining wall, waterfall, or just some rocks in your garden, natural stone can enhance the look of your landscape.  It comes in many different colours and textures, and can be as bold or as subtle as you want them to be.  Visit our Project Gallery to see examples of natural stone installed by JKAT Landscaping.

natural stone

Custom Features

Do you have seasonal items that take up much needed space in your basement in the off-season, or are they prematurely aging being left out in the elements?  Ever dreamed of having your own waterfall?  Would you like to have an outdoor sauna, gazebo, or 4 seasons room?  Do you need afternoon shade over your sun-scorched patio to spend more than 10 minutes at a time there?  Would you like a creative way to hide your pool utilities, air conditioner, or gas/hydro meters?  If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then your landscape is missing something.  We can help design and create a solution that is both practical, and visually appealing to all.  Visit our Project Gallery to see examples of custom features designed and installed by JKAT Landscaping.

Garden Maintenance

Gardening is an acquired taste that not everyone has.  It takes patience and time to do it, and knowledge and experience to do it well.  JKAT Landscaping has a certified horticultural technician on staff to make sure all the gardens we care for are cared for properly.  Pruning of shrubs and trees must be done for the right reason, at the right time of year, and in a way that enables the specific species to heal, prolonging the life of that plant.  Even a “low maintenance” garden requires a small amount of maintenance to stay looking at it’s best.  Contact us to find out what type of maintenance you require for your garden, or visit our Project Gallery to see examples of gardens maintained by JKAT Landscaping.