Walls, Steps and Planters

Retaining walls and stairs are our specilaty!

JKAT Landscapings extensive experience in building retaining walls and stair structures ensures that  your home project will meet all safety and buidling codes and will provide decades of use without shifting or deterioration.

Retaining Walls

The safe and proper construction of retaining walls goes beyond the art of landscaping and requires proper engineering and advanced construction techniques.  The geometric precision of retaining and accent walls help to define a space and provide a clean finished look to your landscape. Designed strategically, they can also stabilize sloping terrain to add more usable space to your property.   They can be made out of wood, natural stone or precast concrete products, and can be installed in a variety of ways depending on what is appropriate for the specific site.  Visit our Project Gallery to see examples of walls built by JKAT Landscaping.

walls planters

Steps & Pathways

Steps are one of our specialties at JKAT Landscaping.  If improperly designed or installed they can be the bane of any homeowner’s existence.  They can hold water and ice, settle unevenly, cause damage to the house itself, and be unsafe for many different reasons.  At JKAT we make sure that all of the steps we build are built not only the right way, but the best way, using building codes as a MINIMUM standard to ensure longevity and safe usage.  If designed properly step systems and walkways can also be as beautiful as they are functional, enhancing the areas surrounding them.  Visit our Project Gallery to see examples of steps & walkways built by JKAT Landscaping.

steps and walls

Stones and rocks

There are literally 101 ways of landscaping with rocks, and probably hundreds more. When many people think about landscaping they focus on stone, flowers, ground covers, trees and shrubs. Stones and rocks provide varying heights and contours that keep the landscape interesting and uique. Successfully integrating stones and rocks in your landscape turns them into a focal point, each rock being placed to create a specific look and feel.

Landcaping with rocks will add authenticiy to a natural look. Using differnt colors creates contrast and using differnt sizes of aggregate gives dimension. Whether it be using stone slabs to create natural looking stairs or landcaping with boulders to add texture and contrast to the surroundings, JKAT will help you incorporate rocks BIG and small to create eye catching landscapes.

steps and armourstone